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Rhode Island Industrial-Recreational Building Authority (RIIRBA)

Mortgage insurance is offered through the Rhode Island Industrial-Recreational Building Authority (RIIRBA). The maximum amount a business can borrow through this program is $5,000,000. The loan covers up to 90% on real estate, 80% of machinery and equipment, and 75% of tourist-travel recreation projects. Funds can be used for new building acquisitions, additions and rehabilitation of existing buildings and for new or used machinery and equipment. This program offers borrowers debt insurance on tax-free bonds, taxable bonds and conventional mortgages.

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Number of Records: 6

Account Name
Series Year
Original Insured Amount
Current Insured Amount
IRBA Paying
Nuerotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Cyto Therapeutics, Inc.
New England Expedition
New England Expedition
Capco Steel

Data as of 12/31/2013

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